Mango & Coco Rice Legging | スポーツレギンス | 运动护腿 | Legging de sport


Thai Cuisine Inspire Collection MANGO & COCO RICE Mango Sticky Rice is one of authentic Thai street food that in Thai it’s called khao neow mamuang (ข้าวเหนียวมะม่วง). For Thai mango sticky rice, the sticky rice is steamed, mixed with thick coconut cream and sugar, paired with perfectly ripe yellow sweet mango, served with some extra coconut cream on top. This summer sweet is a well known Thai dessert that we love and bring it into yoga legging design.


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  • Super-soft fabric provides the comfy feeling that can be worn all day long yet perfectly fit and moderately support the led muscle.
  • Uniquely strong seam with double lock technique ensures the carefree stretching.
  • Special designed inseam  reduces female discomfort.
  • Quick-dry function is outstanding since it dry before leaving the studio.
  • Fabric contains 79% Polyester and 21% Spandex.
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