How to Be a Surfer Girl

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How to Be a Surfer Girl

1. Remember that the whole surfer look is one of carefree casualness. Nothing's too done, so don't spend ages on your hair - leave it be, put minimal make up on (a bit of mascara, eyeliner and lip gloss is fine) and wear casual clothes.

2. Try to get surfer girl hair. It is not true that all surfers have blonde hair because it is bleached from the sun. Brunettes don't go blonde just because they spend time in the sun. However, surfers do have lighter hair than others because they spend a lot of time in the sun and saltwater makes your hair lighter - think Fabiola Gatti. A good way to achieve this look is to mix one part of sea salt with three parts of water, and spritz on your hair using an old hairspray bottle. It will give you that care-free "just surfed" look and is a good, natural alternative to dye if you can't actually go surfing all the time. If your hair is naturally wavy or curly, embrace it - surfer hair is typically tousled. If it's naturally straight, after towel drying hair curl it in rags/french plait it and leave it overnight and it will be wavy by morning. There are some products on the market that boast 'surfer hair' so try these out and see what they do for. And also, if you have darker hair, or hair that's a little more thick, then you should try putting it in a braid, or braids. Or put you hair in a bun, or a side ponytail, or just leave it down.

3. Get a tan. It's essential for that laid-back, carefree look and looks flattering on almost everyone as it is an automatic slimmer and makes you look healthier and radiant. Real surfers have real beach tans, but of course if you live in a climate where you need to wear a wet suit, it's very easy to get that unflattering 'wet suit tan' where past the neck you're completely white! Additionally you might live in a cooler climate not near the beach, or it might be winter, or you may sunburn instead of tan. Here, the only solution is sunless tanning, either through a sunbed (not recommended), or faking it. Make sure you use a good quality tanner, exfoliating beforehand and moisturizing afterwards to prolong it. And if you have darker skin, then you don't have to tan, unless you still want to. But your skins already perfect for it.

4. Wear jewellery such as bracelets made of hemp, rope, string and seashells, and necklaces made of the same materials or rock pendants. You'll want to wear these 5 to 10 bracelets at a time so that they stack up your wrist. Bonus points if you get bracelets that can be worn in the water. Just note, you will get tan lines from them.

5. Practice yoga and pilates. One, it's important to improve balance and core strength which will help you when you're surfing, and secondly it's peaceful. Surfers are peaceful people.

6. Make sure to be yourself at all times and be the happiest person in the world!!


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