Music Tracks that can inspire your yoga practice

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Music Tracks that can inspire your yoga practice

1.) “Dandelion”-The Atlas Amp– There are no lyrics in this song. The soft instrumentals and slow progression of additional beats and power is a perfect song to have in the beginning of the playlist.

2.) “Klingande”- Jubel- This is a fun track that would coincide nicely with a quick Sun Salutation B. A saxophone plays passionately during the majority of the song and gives the feeling of being on a beautiful island vacation.

3.) “Eastern Glow”- The Album Leaf– There are very few lyrics in this song but the consistent low beat and deep vocals can be played throughout any part of the asana practice.

4.) “Gooey”– Glass Animals– The singer’s voice, interesting lyrics, and rhythm of the beat creates a cool vibe when played during standing or balancing postures.

5.) “Warm Shadow”- Fink– This song has an intense sound throughout and beautiful vocals performed by the singer. It sets the tone for a strong and power filled practice.


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