Vickie Vibe jointly worked with our favorite woman entrepreneur, Izzy

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Vickie Vibe jointly worked with our favorite woman entrepreneur, Izzy

One of the outstanding pieces in Vickie Vibe's latest collection is "Kaji Headwraps".

Working behind the scene with Izzy had been one of the blessful things happned for our shooting this time. 

Being inspiring and helpful with creating ideas that made all the shots even more lively.


Let's get to know more about Izzy!

Izzy grew up in London, but has spent the last three years travelling and drawing inspiration from the diverse beauty of the world. She launched Kaji Headwraps in 2017 as a way to share the globally sourced patterns and beautiful fabrics she found along the way.

From relaxing at home to soaking in the sun on the beach or even enjoying a fancy evening out, her designs are perfect for every occasion. Her versatile range fits perfectly for your London’s Mayfair dining in a little black dress to travelling through the markets in Thailand in a casual Tee.

All of her Headwraps and accessories are designed and handmade by a small, experienced team of women. She encourage women to embrace their unique beauty amongst each other, as well as empower each other through encouragement and sisterhood.

Beautiful, convenient and sophisticated – Kaji Headwraps is steadily becoming a staple item for any woman to add to their wardrobe as a luxury accessory for everyday use.

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