Healthylicious in Thai Cuisine Inspired Activewear for Summer 2020

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Healthylicious in Thai Cuisine Inspired Activewear for Summer 2020

Here is how playful a Thai activewear brand got their inspiration from its famous national dishes and launched its latest collection of “Thai Cuisine Inspired” activewear.

Some well known dishes in Thai cuisine for Summer are ‘Mango Sticky Rice with Coconut Milk Dressing’, ‘Spicy Som Tum’ -known as ‘Papaya Salad’, ‘Tom Yum Kung’ and ‘Hot & Spicy Shrimp Soup’.  

We’re talking to the three dynamic and energetic Thai women Som, Gop and Pat who are the creators of Vickie Vibe about their exciting new range of activewear, which has been inspired by the exotic and sensual Thai flavours known throughout the world.

“We want our customers to have fun and to have the feeling of freedom to express themselves in colorful and creative ways during their yoga practice and exercise. As a Thai activewear brand, we have never really communicated that our products are designed and produced in Thailand. With our love and passion for Thai food, we wanted to be able to express our rich cultural heritage and grass-roots love for Thailand this time through an incredible collection where we were able to portray the fun and energy of Thai food with colorful gourmet ingredients depicted on our leggings.”

“Preparing for the photo shoot of our new activewear collection, we realised that we wanted to express the fun and excitement in a creative way; so we collaborated with Somtum Der, a well known Thai restaurant that has successfully established their stores worldwide because they really know how to express the genuine spirit of Thai cuisine and it’s reflected in every design aspect of their restaurants. The photo shoot was full of fun and filled with the amazing scents and aromas from the chefs making “Som Tom” (also called ‘Papaya Salad’) which is a mix of papaya slices, tomato, string bean, peanut and salted Thai Mangrove crab. All the ingredients from som tom are depicted on the “Tasty Som Tom” blue and pink leggings”. 

For the “Spicy Tom Yum” we used soft pastels of pink and light green accents of red on the leggings; we wanted to capture the vibrant colors that make up the complex salty/spicy/sweetness of the traditional Thai soup. The ingredients are depicted on the leggings in a playful and fun way with chilli, galangal and kaffir lime leaves providing the whimsy of the ingredients with lime slices scattered around really do inspire those spicy/sour aromas and flavors.

With the brightly colored “Mango & Coco Rice” the bright yellow mango is inspired by the famous Thai street food ‘Mango Sticky Rice’ or khao neow mamuang as it's known locally.  The brightness of the color helps lift your mood and brings that optimistic fun to your yoga or exercise practice every time you’re wearing them.  

If you are looking for activewear that is out of the ordinary and reflective of your personality, these designs are perfect for expressing your sense of fun.

“Our aim is to expand our fan base with Thai health conscious groups right through to the tourists who visit Thailand, and then begin expanding our reach through online channels to increase our international market”.  



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