Beach Workout Tips

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Beach Workout Tips

Do you know?

  • There’s a radically simple way to burn more calories per step without inching up your incline or pushing your pace: Walk or run on the sand.
  • “You’re forced to work harder to move on the beach” - the soft surface absorbs more energy, so instead of experiencing a helpful rebound effect as you would on pavement, you sink deeper and your muscles have to engage longer to push off. 

Here are some tips for beach workout!

Don't Forget the Sunscreen
If you turn toward the morning sun, your face will get fried. The ocean reflects the light and magnifies its power. It looks and feels amazing, but you do not want to ignore its side effects.


Starting on wet sand

It’s firmer and provides a more stable base of support. Running and jumping on an angle, as you would along a shoreline, puts you in an awkward position, which could cause injury.


Pack a Bathing Suit

Don’t forget your suit. When you are covered in sweat and sand and feeling enlightened, the ocean is going to call out your name. Be prepared. Jumping in the water after morning sun salutations is up there with chocolate as one of life’s greatest treats.



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